July 12, 2018

Sooooo, I’m out in sunny Cali-forn-I-A, I a suddenly am incapacitated due to tooth pain. Great getaway up until this point where the only thing I can now focus on is the pain pulsating out of my mouth! HORRENDOUS! F*&(^%ING OUCH! NOT something I want to deal with when I’m away from home. So what’s a guy to do? I start googling every gosh darn Cameron Park dentist I can find! Low and behold, it seems as though when you neglect your teeth, there’s a think called “making an appointment” to get seen..Well I have no time to spare so I’m left popping Tylenol to reduce my pains!

No matter who I call , I can’t seem to get in on an emergency 911 dental call…WHAT???! Get outta here, my damn tooth hurts and I need assistance NOW! So I bump into some locals, (the folks out in Cali are friendly as all hell) and to my surprise, I ask for recommendations and I’m referred to my golden savior also known as DDS Dr. Catron… PRAISE be had for he was heaven sent. These folks here called him right up and had me on my merry way! (First time I’ve been happy in two days dealing with this monumental agony!)

I walk in, I am greeted by friendly staff and a clean office, great fish tank to my left, (why do dental offices all have fish tanks?) and get straight into the dental chair. Heavens gate’s are within reach as I’m injected with numbing medicine and apparently, my tooth ache is due to a little decay. Yuck, gotta brush more often!

I’m in the chair for maybe an hour, (forgot really as I hit the snooze button) and when I awoke, mouth was numb as hell, I was a little drooly, but damn I felt relief!

All in all, if you find yourself in Northern Cali on an emergency dental trip and you just by chance happen to be in cameron Park, California, hit up my dawg Dr. Catron at  for quick emergency in and affordable relief!!

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