Does the city ever sleep? Because I don’t!

September 4, 2016

Miami has the hustle and bustle that never seems to end. It can be either good or bad for the insomniac depending on which way you approach it! For me, when I’m battling a sleepless night, (If i’m not yet in a zombie state) I’d rather hit the streets than battle with myself in my bed and my head for an unsuccessful nights sleep. So into the streets I roam, meandering around, hoping to find an enticing pull into some sort of entertainment. I usually hope to stumble upon a place with movement and motion in the hopes that I can draw out every last bit of energy my body is grasping onto so ┬áthat when I am finally graced with the nights sleep in my bed, that I will fall dead to this world and be consumed with a deep slumber.

With some bars open til 5am and “after parties” continuing right after, there’s always something happening. The crowds may be weary and of the stranger kind but you can always bet you’ll have a story to tell…And that’s what life is all about, about living and reliving it through (hopefully) great stories. I always try to live by the motto that we never know when our last breath is so some may see insomnia as a curse, but perhaps I was just meant to sleep during the day! Rather than fight it, I roll with it, eventually I’m bound to crash and engulf into the “nights” slumber, but I’m obviously on my own watch rather than society’s, and I’m just fine with that. While all you are tucked away falling into the visions of your dreams, I’m creating my life’s story with people stranger than fiction, and I’ll tell you what, it’s often more interesting than not. Daytime life can get mundane, but life in the night, there’s always something lurking, keeping your senses alive and on high alert rather than going through the motions by day.

If you too are battling insomnia, contact me here, and I’ll send you some great links for dealing and improving it!

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