To fall in love with Miami Locals?

August 25, 2016

Oh the beauty that Miami has to offer! All forms and ethnicities reside here and and we seem to sway together well. It’s almost as if I’ve stepped into a mini european country where all walks of life are not only welcome, but invited it. Beauty captures me daily, and if I were to tell you the story of my broken heart, it just might start with…..Let’s call her Amelia. Oh, Amelia! She had stolen my heart in the midst of my downfall. There she was, tinted skin of mocha, full lush lips of amber, and long waves of curls that I dreamed of getting tangled in! This queen of my heart had come from the west coast, where the sun is hot, mountains are wet and the air is dry. The whisper of her voice, moisture of her skin and scent that lingers from her succulent skin to my my nose enthralls every sense of my being. I’m captivated, salivating for more. Her torturous ways, which she knows not, sends me lingering to her every movement, I’m fixated on this woman whom I barely know a thing about and yet I allow her to control my heart and with every¬†sweet moment, I feel pure bliss.


But who is this woman really? This woman I long to kiss into the night feeling the warmth of her soul and her skin on my lips. I cannot peel my lips off of her cheeks as I envision being so drawn to continually deliver gentle kisses to this angelic face. But alas, it was just a mirage, never to be brought to fruition. I allowed my mind to lose itself in the disillusionment on my own fantasy. Though I wouldn’t regret it as sweet golden Amelia brought out senses in me that had lain dormant for weeks on end and the light was beautiful and captivating. I was hooked, and left feeling empty as she was whisked away in a dream. To relive this moment is not only a dream but a nightmare in the same, for as much as I relive that¬†moment in time, I know it cannot be so.



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