Life in Miami

August 30, 2016

Miami is a world of it’s own. Art, fashion, and fine dining at it’s finest, high rise condo’s with ocean views are a luxury at best, but even so, Miami is an exceptional lifestyle and in my opinion, should be experienced by all. The beaches are filled with sunshine, beauty and a great time. Making a stop off on your way to the beach to visit the food trucks is a must! Why pack a picnic when you can enjoy fine cuisine prepared by the locals! Don’t forget the brews!

The tropical golden sun lightly sun kisses the people below to engulf a community of glowing people. Mocho Cocoa skin is everywhere in ¬†the summer time, and the sun dwellers cannot escape it, but I don’t think anyone’s complaining! The beach is a common ground for folks to gather and experience what life has to offer. The sound of the waves, the humidity on your skin, the smell of the sea and the feel of the sand beneath you’re feet. Memories are made here daily as friends and families gather to delight in the sun.

The night life never ends here for the party goers. They can party from sun up to sun down and magic is the essence of the night. Roam the streets and you will see dancers in the alley ways, lovers embracing each other as if no one else matter and drinks are overfloweth in abundance. The dance club¬†scene is the place to be to practice those latin dance moves you’ve been learning and we’re no stranger to grabbing a partner to show off our skills!


Life on Miami has a lot to offer, whether you’re into the beach, dancing the tango, or fine dining, Miami has what you’re searching for. I would highly suggest you put Miami on your places to visit and I guarantee, you wont’ be disappointed.

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