Hot Miami Nights

August 23, 2016

The nights are warm, the people are stylin’ and the streets are full of rhythm. Look to your left and there’s Ol’ Frankie, with a wrench in his hand, still greased up from work and headed toward the local pub for a days’ end brew. Look to the right and the beauty boppers are headed out for a night out on the town. Their style, hair ¬†and makeup on point. Down the street, the townspeople gather for music in the streets. fun and laughter is to be had by all the whole night through.

People of all sorts are here in Miami and it feels like a smooth blend of kinship. The night is young, ready to be devoured and deliver to our every needs. Miami knows how to give back to its people and we eat it up time and time again. The ocean breeze offers a tropical feel and the sounds of the rumba give body to our souls.

The Miami food trucks offer the most plentiful of varieties, and if you’re on the go, it’s the perfect solution to not only get a succulent meal on the go, but also helping out our local neighbors who make a living off of their cuisine that they care to share with us all. I like to call that a double double.


These hot summer nights seem to linger with lust. We seem to be collectively enthralled as one with drunkenness on life. We capture euphoria within these moments in time and with that I can honestly say ¬†there’s nothing quite like living soaking up the hot Miami nights!



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