Friends From Everywhere

August 26, 2016

Oh the joy of having friends from everywhere means being able to go home with them when they visit! I’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled to many places. Countries and states of the world have left many imprints and the people have been inviting from all parts of God’s green Earth! Having been able to experience them at a “locals” point of view vs the “tourist” route is an exceptional blessing in itself. I highly advise, each and everyone of you to immerse yourself in the friendships presented to you and devour the moments and cultures we are surrounded by daily. You won’t regret it!

This leads me to a story of my best friend who brought me home to the Capital city of California. Sacramento! Now perhaps when you think of visiting the California you don’t think Sacramento California, but I’ll tell you the people were kind, inviting and the laid back sort. We partied with the locals as if we’d been friend since childhood. It was nothing short of magnificent! The Sierra mountains to the East, San Francisco to the West and the fresh air  in our faces! Life in the West was in full swing and we were riding full speed ahead!

It was time to meet the family! It started with Uncle Joe. A man of a shorter stature, salt and pepper hair, an overgrown mustache and aged hands. He’s spent his life working as roofer at the and he’s definitely earned his keep. A quick witted man, who loves to share spreads of food and brandy and is always smiling! Angie, his big sister towers over him with her cheetah heels and bright pink dress, huge hair and over consumption of perfume!…She too is hilarious! Funny people make the world go round, this I know for sure! What is life without the amusement of words to be thrown out of one’s mouth at random to be taken in and tickled from within. It’s priceless! Mama Rita is the matriarch and that’s no doubt~! No one gets by without her knowing who, what, where, when, why, how, with who, from where, what year, what age, how old, what time, how many,etc. etc. etc. This lady knows everything! She’s always been the one in charge and it’s obvious! Sister Mona Lisa…(Mama Mia!!!!) I hope she didn’t see me drooling from across the way! Gorgeous. Stunning. I’m in love! But I wouldn’t dare cross her brother Giovanni. Too damn intimidating. I’ll enjoy her from afar where my safety is in my own hands. needless to say, we were instant family!

What I’m getting at here is that the value of what friendship gives to life and the stories people collect from the true virtue of friendship is to be posted upon the highest pedestal and praised from above. Friends, travel, laughter, new experiences and people add so much to life that it wouldn’t be worth living without all the different avenues that life throws at you…. Ride at your own speed, but I prefer to go full speed ahead.



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