Hurricane Mathew

October 8, 2016

Devastation can happen anywhere at any time to anyone. Succumbing to the elements in their powerful rage is something I prefer to never encounter. Unfortunately for many families on the East Coast of the United States and Haiti are in an unfortunate disaster zone. For myself and my family we have made it out safe and sound, others are not so lucky and it makes you appreciate the life you were given when it can be ripped from your grips at any given time. I understand death is the inevitable but tragic none the less. Let us stand strong together, help those who need it and and be grateful for our time we have on the God given Earth. You never know when you’re time is up and the experiences you’ll have to surrender to in life. I pray for the safety of those affected by this hurricane and hope you all will join in to send well wishes to those in need. God speed.

Does the city ever sleep? Because I don’t!

September 4, 2016

Miami has the hustle and bustle that never seems to end. It can be either good or bad for the insomniac depending on which way you approach it! For me, when I’m battling a sleepless night, (If i’m not yet in a zombie state) I’d rather hit the streets than battle with myself in my bed and my head for an unsuccessful nights sleep. So into the streets I roam, meandering around, hoping to find an enticing pull into some sort of entertainment. I usually hope to stumble upon a place with movement and motion in the hopes that I can draw out every last bit of energy my body is grasping onto so  that when I am finally graced with the nights sleep in my bed, that I will fall dead to this world and be consumed with a deep slumber.

With some bars open til 5am and “after parties” continuing right after, there’s always something happening. The crowds may be weary and of the stranger kind but you can always bet you’ll have a story to tell…And that’s what life is all about, about living and reliving it through (hopefully) great stories. I always try to live by the motto that we never know when our last breath is so some may see insomnia as a curse, but perhaps I was just meant to sleep during the day! Rather than fight it, I roll with it, eventually I’m bound to crash and engulf into the “nights” slumber, but I’m obviously on my own watch rather than society’s, and I’m just fine with that. While all you are tucked away falling into the visions of your dreams, I’m creating my life’s story with people stranger than fiction, and I’ll tell you what, it’s often more interesting than not. Daytime life can get mundane, but life in the night, there’s always something lurking, keeping your senses alive and on high alert rather than going through the motions by day.

If you too are battling insomnia, contact me here, and I’ll send you some great links for dealing and improving it!

Life in Miami

August 30, 2016

Miami is a world of it’s own. Art, fashion, and fine dining at it’s finest, high rise condo’s with ocean views are a luxury at best, but even so, Miami is an exceptional lifestyle and in my opinion, should be experienced by all. The beaches are filled with sunshine, beauty and a great time. Making a stop off on your way to the beach to visit the food trucks is a must! Why pack a picnic when you can enjoy fine cuisine prepared by the locals! Don’t forget the brews!

The tropical golden sun lightly sun kisses the people below to engulf a community of glowing people. Mocho Cocoa skin is everywhere in  the summer time, and the sun dwellers cannot escape it, but I don’t think anyone’s complaining! The beach is a common ground for folks to gather and experience what life has to offer. The sound of the waves, the humidity on your skin, the smell of the sea and the feel of the sand beneath you’re feet. Memories are made here daily as friends and families gather to delight in the sun.

The night life never ends here for the party goers. They can party from sun up to sun down and magic is the essence of the night. Roam the streets and you will see dancers in the alley ways, lovers embracing each other as if no one else matter and drinks are overfloweth in abundance. The dance club scene is the place to be to practice those latin dance moves you’ve been learning and we’re no stranger to grabbing a partner to show off our skills!


Life on Miami has a lot to offer, whether you’re into the beach, dancing the tango, or fine dining, Miami has what you’re searching for. I would highly suggest you put Miami on your places to visit and I guarantee, you wont’ be disappointed.

Friends From Everywhere

August 26, 2016

Oh the joy of having friends from everywhere means being able to go home with them when they visit! I’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled to many places. Countries and states of the world have left many imprints and the people have been inviting from all parts of God’s green Earth! Having been able to experience them at a “locals” point of view vs the “tourist” route is an exceptional blessing in itself. I highly advise, each and everyone of you to immerse yourself in the friendships presented to you and devour the moments and cultures we are surrounded by daily. You won’t regret it!

This leads me to a story of my best friend who brought me home to the Capital city of California. Sacramento! Now perhaps when you think of visiting the California you don’t think Sacramento California, but I’ll tell you the people were kind, inviting and the laid back sort. We partied with the locals as if we’d been friend since childhood. It was nothing short of magnificent! The Sierra mountains to the East, San Francisco to the West and the fresh air  in our faces! Life in the West was in full swing and we were riding full speed ahead!

It was time to meet the family! It started with Uncle Joe. A man of a shorter stature, salt and pepper hair, an overgrown mustache and aged hands. He’s spent his life working as roofer at the and he’s definitely earned his keep. A quick witted man, who loves to share spreads of food and brandy and is always smiling! Angie, his big sister towers over him with her cheetah heels and bright pink dress, huge hair and over consumption of perfume!…She too is hilarious! Funny people make the world go round, this I know for sure! What is life without the amusement of words to be thrown out of one’s mouth at random to be taken in and tickled from within. It’s priceless! Mama Rita is the matriarch and that’s no doubt~! No one gets by without her knowing who, what, where, when, why, how, with who, from where, what year, what age, how old, what time, how many,etc. etc. etc. This lady knows everything! She’s always been the one in charge and it’s obvious! Sister Mona Lisa…(Mama Mia!!!!) I hope she didn’t see me drooling from across the way! Gorgeous. Stunning. I’m in love! But I wouldn’t dare cross her brother Giovanni. Too damn intimidating. I’ll enjoy her from afar where my safety is in my own hands. needless to say, we were instant family!

What I’m getting at here is that the value of what friendship gives to life and the stories people collect from the true virtue of friendship is to be posted upon the highest pedestal and praised from above. Friends, travel, laughter, new experiences and people add so much to life that it wouldn’t be worth living without all the different avenues that life throws at you…. Ride at your own speed, but I prefer to go full speed ahead.



To fall in love with Miami Locals?

August 25, 2016

Oh the beauty that Miami has to offer! All forms and ethnicities reside here and and we seem to sway together well. It’s almost as if I’ve stepped into a mini european country where all walks of life are not only welcome, but invited it. Beauty captures me daily, and if I were to tell you the story of my broken heart, it just might start with…..Let’s call her Amelia. Oh, Amelia! She had stolen my heart in the midst of my downfall. There she was, tinted skin of mocha, full lush lips of amber, and long waves of curls that I dreamed of getting tangled in! This queen of my heart had come from the west coast, where the sun is hot, mountains are wet and the air is dry. The whisper of her voice, moisture of her skin and scent that lingers from her succulent skin to my my nose enthralls every sense of my being. I’m captivated, salivating for more. Her torturous ways, which she knows not, sends me lingering to her every movement, I’m fixated on this woman whom I barely know a thing about and yet I allow her to control my heart and with every sweet moment, I feel pure bliss.


But who is this woman really? This woman I long to kiss into the night feeling the warmth of her soul and her skin on my lips. I cannot peel my lips off of her cheeks as I envision being so drawn to continually deliver gentle kisses to this angelic face. But alas, it was just a mirage, never to be brought to fruition. I allowed my mind to lose itself in the disillusionment on my own fantasy. Though I wouldn’t regret it as sweet golden Amelia brought out senses in me that had lain dormant for weeks on end and the light was beautiful and captivating. I was hooked, and left feeling empty as she was whisked away in a dream. To relive this moment is not only a dream but a nightmare in the same, for as much as I relive that moment in time, I know it cannot be so.



Have any questions? you can reach me here.

Hot Miami Nights

August 23, 2016

The nights are warm, the people are stylin’ and the streets are full of rhythm. Look to your left and there’s Ol’ Frankie, with a wrench in his hand, still greased up from work and headed toward the local pub for a days’ end brew. Look to the right and the beauty boppers are headed out for a night out on the town. Their style, hair  and makeup on point. Down the street, the townspeople gather for music in the streets. fun and laughter is to be had by all the whole night through.

People of all sorts are here in Miami and it feels like a smooth blend of kinship. The night is young, ready to be devoured and deliver to our every needs. Miami knows how to give back to its people and we eat it up time and time again. The ocean breeze offers a tropical feel and the sounds of the rumba give body to our souls.

The Miami food trucks offer the most plentiful of varieties, and if you’re on the go, it’s the perfect solution to not only get a succulent meal on the go, but also helping out our local neighbors who make a living off of their cuisine that they care to share with us all. I like to call that a double double.


These hot summer nights seem to linger with lust. We seem to be collectively enthralled as one with drunkenness on life. We capture euphoria within these moments in time and with that I can honestly say  there’s nothing quite like living soaking up the hot Miami nights!



Welcome to Hot Tuna Miami

August 18, 2016

Hey world! Welcome to Hot Tuna Miami! I’ll be updating the site soon so stay tuna’d!